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André Veltman - 2015-09-22

The impedance analyzer is a fantastic tool in checking and selecting components for an electronic engineer. The impedance analyzer enables me to find subtle differences between brands and types of capacitors and inductors from different manufacturers. Some other uses are in mapping the parasitics of high frequency transformers and determining the exact characteristic impedance of coaxial cables or UTP lines. The measurement results can be displayed in all common ways (L,R and C,R parallel and series and Z, angle) during and after the active measurement. The analyzer delivers valuable data for choosing the best possible component for the job in question. The analyzer is compact in size and requires a PC for display and control knobs, with easily up-datable software, and straight forward documentation. I regret not having this piece of equipment 10 years earlier!

André Veltman, Piak Electronic Design B.V., Culemborg, NL

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