Wil Dijkman
Consultant for electronics development

Impedance Analyzer

Designed and manufactured by Wil Dijkman.
USB instrument
module Suitable for the daily work in your laboratory to measure filters, lab models of coils and transformers, Elcaps (value and ESR),
Suitable for every laboratory, for instruction (schools) or the serious hobbyist
The Impedance Analyzer comes together with a component test fixture, power supply and USB cable.
Operates with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10.
The needed software and a full description is available in the download page

Main specifications

Frequency range: 100 Hz - 40 MHz
Frequency resolution: 0.042 Hz
Impedance range 0.1 Ω - 10 MΩ (until 100 kHz)
Measures parameters |Z|, Φ, L, C, Rs, Rp, D, Q, X
8 combinations are available
Oscillator level 40 mV... 1 V (amplitude) in 4 steps
Measurement resolution 3 mΩ
Basic accuracy: 1 %
External Supply voltage: 12 V= ... 20 V =
Power dissipation: 10 W
Built in a metal enclosure.
Size 25 x 25 x 5 cm
Guarantee: 2 years free repair or replacement in case of malfunction (buyer pays transport to seller).

Price 1899.- ex VAT
Delivery from stock.
14 days free trial period